"எப்பொருள் யார்யார்வாய்க் கேட்பினும் அப்பொருள்மெய்ப்பொருள் காண்ப தறிவு"

-குறள் 423:அறிவுடமை.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Alone in the public - K B Rajaguru

It is a story – an imaginary painting of the news that we read all the way till this day. On hearing or reading a piece of information we will visualize them. Our visualization has its own limitations and may have thousands of variations from the fact. My work is of no exception, it is an outcome of logical thought supplied with available information and the attitude of the personalities involved. My utmost consideration in bringing such sensitive derivatives of Modern History is the words of Thiruvalluvar – ‘Knowledge alone can define the truth and we can’t go behind as it was said by personalities’.

‘I am the citizen of the Earth’ said the Greek philosopher Socrates, two thousand years back. ‘To us all the towns are same, all humans are our kin’ similar words were delivered by Kaniyan Poongundran of same age. The reason for such a feel and proclamation remains unknown. But their quotes imply all are equal and the borders are meaningless. In the way the birds do, they fly across the oceans and mountains for their life betterment, boundaries have nothing to do with them. But we the humans are interested in finding difference with other fellow human. This difference leads to boundaries. Giving up can be the only solution to bring a peaceful borderless Earth. Giving up is a product of magnanimity of the giver and gratefulness of the receiver. But the word ‘giving up’ has different synonyms in the history of mankind, such as betrayed, defeated, lost, captivated, imposed, oppressed, dominated, ordered, controlled, dependent, cornered and etc… Here I dealt with few consequences of ‘ given ups ‘ those occur in recent past.

'Animals never fear of their own kind, but humans do.'

Glimpse of foreword written by Mr. Seeman

(Chief Co ordinator - Naam Thamilar Katchi and a Movie Director)

"I happened to write this during my imprisonment at Vellore Central Jail under National Securities Act. My brother Rajaguru’s attempt in defence of Tamil Nationalism during this hard time is praise worthy."

"The writer had sowed many details on NAGA liberation and the EELAM liberation in the back drops of well coped story. I wish him to write more novels of this kind. For the uprising of the Tamil Nationalism the contributions of the learned youths like Rajaguru is admirable. I am confident that his attempt will fetch good results. And I wish my brother Rajaguru in this regard."

- Senthamizhan Seeman, 

Senthamizhan Seeman, a well known movie director turned revolutionary leader. Arrested twice under ‘National Securities Act’. He had spent nearly two hundred days in prison, an arch enemy of Congress. He is revolting for the rights and well being of Tamils across the globe. Chief Co-ordinator of Naam Tamilar Katchi.
Link: http://naamtamilar.org

Glimpse of foreword written by Mr. Perarivalan

(Prisoner in Rajiv assasination case and a writer)

“That’s why when the people of our race were buried under the soil; these people were capable of preparing themselves for the next show without even having the minimum humanity. Writer tries to rebuild the so cut emotional nerves and attempted to give life to the same.

It is hard to realize that at the end of the story it is not only Kumaran left alone in the street, it is the remaining people of this race.”

- Perarivaalan,

Perarivaalan, a struggling victim of state and judicial denial, was arrested and sentenced to death by the supreme court of India in the Rajiv Gandhi assassination case. At the age of nineteen he was accused and imprisoned, it is been eighteen years he is staying behind the bars. Even after the main players of this assassination were all declared dead well before the case was took for judicial hearing. The punished were the poorly informed and not directly involved in the assassination. He was well known writer and his first book is in Tamil, ‘THOOKKU KOTTADIYIL IRUNDHU ORU MURAIYEETTU MADAL’ and later published the same in English as ‘An appeal from death row’. He is one among the struggling victims of state and judicial denial.
Link: http://perarivalan.blogspot.com


  1. Hi,it is a nice reading, your attempt in story telling is appreciatable. Do more of this kind, your political understandings are praise worthy.

    - Annie Stephen

  2. This novel induces the feeling of "Justice for all the politically deprived people". This novel is very informative with the depiction of various political decisions. It emphatically touches the conversations that go on the common man's mind. Rajaguru must have done quite a lot of research and felt strongly about the decisions of the Governments.

    I truly appreciate the efforts of the author. I wish him good luck in bringing more such novels in both English and Tamil.

  3. I haven't read the novel. I could visualise it to be for a social cause.

    Me and my friend used have lot of debates and much of them would be of society concerned.

    I am the same and he has moved to be the change. I appreciate his efforts and lookig forward to read the novel soon.

  4. It was an interesting story at the beginning, but from the mid story is politicized.
    The language is so normal, and never requires a dictionary. The entire book cares about Tamils and Nagas alone. I see this as an election manifesto of a tamil activist, a slow motivator for tamil revolutionary aspirants, my interest got blocked here.
    So i wish him to write more on things without political shades. All the best for his next assignment.

  5. Dear Rajaguru Anna,
    I read your book which was presented by my daddy B.Saravanan for my birthday (later, i knew that it was presented by you).i am studying in vi std.i felt the pain in your heart. i too had the pain .i became nervous.my nerves became emotional.i feel the cruelity and injustice done eelatamilargal by the mighty indian and srilankan army .Dont worry anna, our tamil national leader(not karunanidhi but annan prabhakaran)will arise one day with ltte and finish the indian and srilankan army .tamil eelam wil be a democratic country and puli kodi will fly in UN .I said the things you wrote to my friends when they laughed at me and said to me not to talk some foolish things.the people too in this world are being selfish insome ways and their hearts are shrunken day by day . it was hard to realise not only Kumaran but I was also left alone in the public.so I want five of this book.i want to give it to my friends and relatives.i am proud to be a tamilan than an indian .iwish you would write more books of this kind .Best of Luck .
    Puligalin thagam thamil eelathin thayagam Engum selvom ethilum velvom. ...
    Your brother S.Karthi Prabhakaran

  6. Greetings All,

    I would first thank my friend for giving me an opportunity to read his novel and for creating an interest to read my first novel.

    I would like to write a review by dividing the it into three parts.

    First part - Poetic
    The love between the character Kumaran along with his pair was so romantic and was well portrayed that even reader could feel for their love and the characters were well handled.

    Second part - Informative
    The discussions from the character Jermish was so informative that few hidden historic information's were on spot light. Hats off Rajaguru! for the efforts in getting the facts.
    To me I would say it was very informative and the pace of novel went slow as it was very narrative.

    Third part - Pricking
    Including me, I believe almost all of us witnessing the social evils happening in and around us are not raising voice against it. So well said in the title "walking alone in the public". Friend, you have criticized us diplomatically.

    'Noble attempt with entrenched feelings'

  7. RajaGuru, I am in search of words. So wonderful and intelligent that you have come out with all your feelings for the todays awkward world in the backdrop of writing a fiction. You have expressed the insensitiveness of this generation and still do you think these guys will ever change?? The way you have handled kumaran's feelings in the way of "dreams" is remarkable. I certainly had a soft corner for Rajiv Gandhi till i read this book. I clearly understand now that he got what he deserved. Your attempt was worth praising ever, and i understand that you imagined this story in Tamil and have written it English to reach the masses that was unaware of the history happening around. This book really disturbed me and am talking about this with whomever i meet. Thanks RajaGuru...

  8. I read that comment here "Anonymous" karthi prabhakaran.. Touching, see his feeling towards an atrocity that he is witnessing.. Why not the educated mass turn towards it.. NO Karthi Prabhakaran, you are not "Alone in the Public", We will stay together and make the public turn towards us... Because i still believe that "Justice" will reign one day... That day will be really our day to celebrate, and till then lets march forward together.

    First i am a Human;
    Next a Tamilian;
    Least an Indian.

  9. I stopped reading novels/stories long back. I was given a chance thro my friend to know about this book. I got it and started reading. Really i have not kept down the book till i finish. The reason behind this could be 1, Simple english 2. story with all sort of feelings like romance, historical and reveals lot of un known informations. Most of us known only a little bit about the problems of Tamilians, Nagas . But this book induce us to read more on the said subjection. Most of the characters are still living in my heart like Kumaran, Thamarai,Jermish,....... I will not just simply say this as a book or novel, a book makes us to know lot of un known informations. I wish him good luck and he has to bring more books like this . This is the first book to me to be proud about a tamilian.

  10. Even though the story goes very seriously into the politics of nations, my mind got fixed at the relationship between Paavai and Kumaran. It appears that the writer would have such experiences in his real life. Rightly pointed by 'sathys.r' as it is a 'poetic'. All the best for his next assignment.

  11. this book is recommended to all since it is a must read one.....ammrith

  12. Hi Guru mapps,

    Congrats for your first novel has success.

    When I read the novel, it has more interesting & informative.
    While reading, I've involved the all characters & loved JERMI , MURUGAN. NAGA & ELLAM are more sensitive issues, you've handled well & said truth behind that.

    You've written in simple English, all readers can able understand.
    Best wishes for your future endeavour success.

  13. I read your book. Nice, relevant, precise to the point and impacts. Discourse could have been more elaborate. Sense you should go for major novel by same theme. Read EXODUS by Leon Uris. - 'TADA' Ravichandran

  14. Happen to read your book - one of my friend gave that for my wedding, I started reading news papers and keep on asking questions at my seniors and friends on happenings. Till this moment, I have wasted half of my life by ignoring politics by calling it as dirt. Thanks for changing me!! - Senthil Nathan - Karur

  15. Thank you for post and your blog. My friend showed me your blog and I have been reading it ever since.Tamil News